• Pre-Purchase Inspection Report Writing

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    This 2 day course will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to enable you to write complex reports that can be provided to potential home buyers. By completing this course you will then have the requirements to potentially expand your existing business into the house inspections sector, or could allow you to become an independent building inspector or consultant. In accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007 you will learn:


    • Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports
    • Inspection of Buildings Part 1
    • Residential Building Reports

    Price: $450.00 for Members / $550.00 for Non-Members

    CPD: 22 points will be issued on completion of assessment (if applicable).

    Upcoming Sessions

    Please contact the Training Department for upcoming sessions on 02 8586 3588

    The Pre-Purchase Inspection Report Writing course provides the complex report writing skills and knowledge necessary in producing:

    • Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports
    • Inspection of Buildings Part 1
    • Residential Building Reports

    in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007.

    Those wishing to enrol into this course must have a minimum two years experience as a licenced Builder or Tradesperson, with a current working knowledge of the National Construction Code (NCC), including the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

    This two day course comprehensively covers the following topics:

    • Types of inspections
    • Processes and tools used during inspections
    • Carrying out on-site inspections
    • Common building faults
    • Legal obligations and requirements
    • Working to the relevant Australian Standard
    • Planning and preparing final reports
    • How to word findings
    • Supporting documentation and evidence

        • Gain knowledge into common building faults and how to identify them
        • Improve your findings and how to effectively report on them
        • Provide peace of mind to potential home buyers and your clients
        • Become an independent building inspector or consultant
        • Grow your business into the property inspections sector
        • Potentially grow your networks with conveyancers, loan managers and real-estate agencies

         Upon successful completion, participants will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

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