• Keys To Property Development

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    The Master Builders presents leading figures from across the property development and construction industry via this informative training seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to give the participants the opportunity to tap in to the knowledge and secrets from the presenting industry experts.

    Price: $450.00 for Members / $550.00 for Non-Members

    CPD: 7 points will be issued on completion of assessment (if applicable).

    Upcoming Sessions

    There are no upcoming sessions published at this moment

    Builders/tradespeople who are thinking to branch out into Property Development or people from other fields who want an introductory overview of the Property Development industry (i.e. the type of economic activity that it is)


      Topics include: 

      • Driving forces behind property value
      • Understanding property supply and demand
      • Identifying an opportunity
      • Planning Laws explained
      • Coming to grips with the Planning Approval process
      • Property feasibility studies
      • Overview of sales, marketing, and finance
      1. To stimulate thinking about what is involved in Property Development and
      2. Help the participants decide whether or not they have what it takes to make a successful “property developer”

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